Contemporary Classical Composer

New Chamber Group

I am seeking performers interested in forming a chamber group that will perform classical music composed by myself and other composers for live audiences in the Valley area. Instrumentation is open but I am particularly interested in doing music for piano quartet and other piano-string combinations, such as the following works that I have composed:

Piano Quartet in G minor

Seismos for Violin and Piano

gkcomposer · Seismos, for Violin and Piano

A new chamber group/collective will be able to bring these and similar new works to life, while also celebrating the excellent works of the past.

So, if you are:

  • a performer of an orchestral instrument, e.g. any string instrument, piano, or woodwind, brass, percussion, harp, or guitar; who is
  • comfortable playing repertoire such as those featured above as well as celebrated works from Mozart to Philip Glass; and
  • based in the Phoenix-metropolitan area, and
  • passionate about classical music,

then please email me at to discuss further.

I am particularly looking forward to the brainstorm session where we come up with a good name for the group!

To learn more about me read my bio here, check out my lessons page (where there’s a video of me speaking); also if you’re interested you can read my Short or Long Artist Statement to get a sense of how I verbalize my artistic vision. I look forward to hearing from you!