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Private Lessons

“My object is to help young people who want to learn.”

Aloysius in Johann Fux’ Gradus ad Parnassum

As a classically-trained composer with a doctorate in music and over ten years’ experience teaching one-on-one and in the classroom, I am pleased to offer composition lessons to students who want to gain admission into a respected music school or conservatory, or simply want to study the craft of composition.

My Teachers

Dr. Robert Ehle and Dr. Evan Copley, at the University of Northern Colorado, and Daniel Koontz at Long Island University.


$60.00 USD per hour session


Weekly or bi-weekly depending on student preference.

Remote-Lesson Platform: FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Zoom, depending on student preference.

Students may begin any time in the academic year—after Labor Day and before Memorial Day—and continue studying on an at-will basis.

Included: A Collection of Scales: Compiled and Arranged for Piano with Eight Exercises in Stride Bass (PDF)

One-time consultations are also available at the above-cited rate, but do not include Dr. Klug’s Collection of Scales PDF.


As a professional pianist and performance graduate from University of Northern Colorado, where I studied with Vergie Amendola and Lei Weng, I also offer piano lessons at the above-cited rate.


Paid in advance for each month. Accepted methods: PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Cash, Stripe.


When I approached Dr. Klug, I was desperate as my application to join a bachelor’s degree in a music college was rejected. I thought I hit a roadblock and could never go past it to get a degree in music. Dr. Klug took a deep look into my scores and wrote a detailed write-up informing me on where I went wrong. He pointed out possible changes that could make my compositions better and helped me understand the various elements that make an engaging composition. I found that my compositions had a much more professional touch. The next time I approached a college with the same portfolio that Dr. Klug helped me with, they accepted me in the very first round. If it weren’t for Dr. Klug, I’d still be stuck with a boring life unable to kick-start my dream career as a composer.

Alric Samuel G., Music Composition Student at Mahidol University, 2020

Dr. Klug’s feedback on my piece was very thorough and detailed, which I really appreciated because it showed he was invested in my music and sincere in his comments. He offered great advice as to what could be improved in my piece as well as praise for what he liked about it, which was such a nice balance of comments to receive. He was focused on what could be improved and explained how to actually improve it, rather than leaving it up to me to figure out.

Grace Y., Composition Student at Moravian College, 2020

Wow…. I went through your response while listening along to the improvs, and I am so thankful for such a thorough breakdown! You have a very good ear for harmony and composition technique. You were able to identify and categorize so many things that I was just finding intuitively and when listening I paid little to no attention to their function or origin. I am familiar with all the terms I just did not listen to the pieces with such an attention to harmony…Thank you for listening so carefully and for your sincere reaction to all four pieces! I did not expect such a thorough response when I was sending these originally.

Yuriy V., Gilbert-based pianist and teacher, 2020

Dr. Klug is a wonderful teacher and musician. He cares about his student’s progression and wants to help bring them to the next level. He is knowledgeable about music and is eager to share his knowledge with his students. He is experienced in teaching, which makes him more valuable than someone who is simply a composer. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for lessons on instruments, especially piano, as well as composition. He has helped me grow as a musician immensely.

Tyler C., Arizona Medical Professional, 2020

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