Contemporary Classical Composer

Composer Lineage

The following list represents the men and women I acknowledge as my forebears in the organically evolving craft of composition. The scope is limited to 100 classical composers born before 1950 whose work has impacted me aesthetically. Jazz and Hindustani composers are not included despite my admiration for many of them, because they represent a tradition to which I cannot genuinely claim to be an heir. Others, meanwhile, meet the criteria and could be cited as honorable mentions, or included in a longer list. Still others meet the classical and age criteria but have had no aesthetic impact on me. I will let the lineage speak for itself—the omissions as well as the inclusions. It is important for me to recognize those who went before. Without them, I would not be who I am as a composer. I do what I do because they did what they did—and I love and respect them for it.

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