Contemporary Classical Composer

Choral Music

The Art of Virtue: Three Anthems from the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, for Mixed Choir; forthcoming.

  1. O Powerful Goodness, text by Benjamin Franklin
  2. O Vitae Philosophia Dux (“O Wisdom Guide of Life”), text by Cicero, 4.30.
  3. Father of Light and Life, text by James Thomson

Five Motets on Gregorian Themes for Mixed Choir, 2021, 16.00.

  1. Veni Creator Spiritus (“Come Creator Spirit”)
  2. Emitte Spiritum Tuum (“Send Forth Thy Spirit”)
  3. Qui in Me Credit (“He Who Believes in Me”)
  4. Caritas Dei (“The Love of God”)
  5. Veni Sancte Spiritus (“Come Holy Spirit”)

L’Adonia Ha-Aretz (“The Earth is the Lord’s”) for Mixed Choir, Psalm 24:1 and Numbers 14:21 in Hebrew, 2009/2014, 5.45 (contact for info)

Kyrie for Mixed Choir, 2007, 2.00